October 27, 2008

Condolence - Bela Sungkawa

Segenap keluarga besar STIBA Manado's Community turut beduka cita atas berpulangnya alm. Santi Hartono - Alumni ABA/STIBA Manado angkatan '99 pada tanggal 20 Oktober 2008 di Ratatotok. Tuhan yang memberi, Tuhan pula yang mengambil... terpujilah nama Tuhan, amin...

September 30, 2008

Still remember who we are?

Mungkin tamang-tamang masih inga sapa2 yang di foto ini kang?

- Heintje "Ekky" Tombokan, Marthen "Eponk" Suak, Everd Warouw, Wawan Kurniawan, Alfa "Ongeth" Amdat, Warwid "Ade" Malalantang -

Paradiso - Timika, Papua
Alumni ABA Manado: '96, '97, '99

September 24, 2008

What was on OSPEK/ORDIK/OKMIK at STIBA Manado

You can tell anything about what you felt & experienced when you were still a freshman…
Did you have good time with your classmates? Did you have a good story about your senior(s), menthor(s)? Feel free to post it here…

Yeah… take time to think what you felt when you were a freshman. You might feel it sucks but that time would not be back tomorrow :-)
Let it goes with the wind, good memories will stay in our mind forever.

Past is past… no other intentions to ‘dig out’ last stories on what you once experienced!!!
This is just a story telling...

Remember that, if you have an unforgettable, romantic, and or even stories, please post it in other page!!!

[stiba manado's community]

Memories at STIBA Manado


Please post all your memories [romantic memories, sweet memories, bad memories] you might have had when you were @ STIBA Manado here…We do believe that you’ll rewind your mind & looking back to the time when you were on our “cute” campus...

Rules to post your comments;
1. No matter what language you’ll use [English, Japanese, or even Manadonese is allowed] as long as we have good comments without insulting others’ feeling.
2. No other topics to be shared, discussed, posted on this page. Other page is available to post your other comments.

This page is intended only to share memories that we experienced when we were still @ STIBA Manado… Any offensive will be deleted as it againsts the rule.
Any changes will be applied without prior notification.

Jangan lupa perkenalan singkat [nama, angkatan tahun berapa] supaya boleh saling kenal :-)

- stiba manado community -